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Minnesota Orchestra family concerts offer a perfect opportunity to get your family together for a special outing. Enjoy cherished holiday music, go on a musical adventure or learn about music in a fun way.

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Sensory Friendly concerts

At a Glance

This concert is recommended for grades 3-6.

Here’s an intriguing question: How do composers put together musical building blocks—tonal and rhythmic patterns, combinations of harmonies, melodies, textures and more—to communicate with audiences?

Students will find answers in the melodies Rossini used to mark separate sections of his high-spirited Barber of Seville Overture, and in Schubert’s way of introducing a melody, then breaking it down and moving it around within the orchestra. Taking Shostakovich as an example, percussionists will demonstrate the recurring patterns and accents, steady beats and bars that make up meter. Finally, students will show their own skills in recognizing all these elements in Chávez's Aztec-themed Sinfonía india.


  • Minnesota Orchestra

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