The Laureate Society

The Laureate Society recognizes those who have included the Minnesota Orchestra in their estate plans.

In Memoriam: 

The Minnesota Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the generous donors from whom estate gifts were received over the past year. Their dedication to the Orchestra and their vision for the Orchestra’s future is making a lasting impact. Our hearts go out to their beloved families and friends. We are deeply honored to be part of their legacies:

Bob Boldt*
Violet Victoria Deiro*
Mary Ann Feldman* 
Catherine C. Finch*
Charles Frisch*
Regis Gaudet*
Russell G. Schroedl* 
Nancy Slaughter*
Joan T. Smith*
Marcia Turcotte*
Renata Winsor*

Laureate Society Members

As of December 15, 2020

Anonymous (44)
Mary Adams
Dennis Albrecht
Meredith B. Alden*
Dr. Thomas and Donna Alt
Mary Alverson
Frances V. Anderson*
Karen L. Anderson and Dr. Karol L. Jensen*
Kenneth Gene Anderson*
Rolf L. Andreassen, M.D.
Mrs. DeWalt Ankeny, Sr.*
John and Dr. Virginia Lupo Ankeny
Evelyn and Stuart Lane Arey*
Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
Jerry L. Artz
William G. Asp
Howard B. Atkin, M.D.
Carole and Doug Baker, Sr.
Edward* and Karen Baker
Julie M. and Douglas M. Baker, Jr.
Rosalyn and Michael Baker*
Mrs. Edward L. Bakewell, Jr.*
Maria G. Bales
Bernard D. Barton in honor of Doris Barton
Richard S. Bauder*
Paul* and Ruth Bauhahn
Charles Baxter
Atherton and Winifred Bean*
Elinor Watson Bell*
Thomas D. Bell*
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Bemis*
Catherine Joan Benson
Marilyn C. Benson*
Ruth M. and Howard H. Berg*
Paul R. Berndt
Bruce and Arline* Beutel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bicknell*
Robert and Rebecca Binder
Janis* and Susan Blumentals
John T. and Barbara J.* Boatwright
Phillip Bohl and Janet Bartels
Emily and Charles Boigenzahn
Bob Boldt*
Karen Bolstad*
Penny Bond and Chuck Grimsrud
Edward H. Borkon
Dr. Gordon A. Braatz
Margaret A. Bracken
Robert D. Brendsel*
Larry and Ellen Marie Brentzel
David R. Brink*
Bob and Gail Brinkworth
Cynthia Eddy Britt*
Bob and Carolyn* Brix
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence K. Bros*
Susan J. Bruce
Tyrone and Delia Bujold
C. T. Bundy 2d
Russ Bursch and Lee Mauk
James P. Callahan
Joan and Gary Capen
Deborah Carlson
Joe* and Pat Carlson
June Carlson and Katherine Carlson*
Mari and Dick Carlson
Leonard G. and Geraldine K. Carpenter*
Tom and Nicky Carpenter*
Richard Casement
Keith and Dona Caswell*
Mark and Robin Caufman
William and Nancy Child
Judith A. Christensen*
Dr. Nadia Christensen
The Paul Christopherson Family
Richard M. Cisek*
Karen* and Don Ciske
Dave and Carolyn Cleveland
Dr. and Mrs. John I. Coe*
Barbara Cohen
Robert Collins
Dave Colwell
Elizabeth Cook*
Diane and Stanley Coombes
James P. Corson*
Michael and Catherine Crane
Alyce Mae Cranston
Tom* and Ellie Crosby, Jr.
Marion Cross*
Charles* and Kathy Cunningham
Steven J. Curnow
Andrew Czajkowski
Ann M. David*
Tom E. Davis
Kenneth N.* and Julia W. Dayton
Cy and Paula DeCosse
John and Sanja DeGarmo
Vi Victoria Deiro*
Laura Delavie
Carol and Charles M. Denny, Jr.*
Merlin* and Barbara Dewing
William C. and Corinne J. Dietrich*
Arline B. Dimond*
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Dixon*
Keith M. and Linda M. Donaldson
Esther B. Donovan*
Ernest F. Dorn*
Edna C. Downing*
Carl B. Drake, Jr.*
Holly Beth Duevel
Mary Beth Eagan
Morris and Marcia Eaton
Mary Anne Ebert and Paul Richard Stembler
Sally Economon*
Dr. Hugh and Joyce Edmondson
Jill and Jonathan Eisenberg
Kent and Katherine Eklund
Dr. E. Duane and Marlene Engstrom
James E. Ericksen*
John J. Erickson
Dr. Dan and Marilyn Erwin*
Pamela Étienne-Planche
William Etter
Emogene Becker Evans*
Tom* and Corrine Feinberg
Mary Ann Feldman*
Gertrude Hill Ffolliott
Birdie and Bob Fischer*
Donna Fiterman
Mary Goff Fiterman*
Mr.* and Mrs. Henry Flesh
Clifford C. Fortin, Ph.D.*
Charles and Tanya Foster*
Clarence G. Frame*
Salvatore S. Franco
Leland and Marles Frankman
Adele A. and Donald E. Garretson*
Charles and Joyce Gauck
Regis F. Gaudet*
Lois and Larry Gibson*
Emma Gilbert*
Marvin and Randy Gilman*
Meg and Wayne Gisslen
Barbara E. Glas
Dr. Marvin E. Goldberg* 
Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg
Dr. Fred Gordon*
Polly B. Gordon
Robert* and Ellen Green
Edward and Laurie Greeno
Jane and David Gregerson
George Grim*
Marjorie* and Joseph Grinnell
N. Bud* and Beverly Grossman
Marise Evadne Gustafson* Memorial
Michelle Hackett
Evelyn Sonnack Halverson*
William H. Halverson
Dale Hammerschmidt and Mary Arneson
Ruth Evarts Hanold*
Donald T. Hansen*
Deborah Hanson
Fredrice Nord Hause
Stella J. Hawkinson*
Heidi and Chris Hedberg
John and Jean Hedberg
Roy P. and Barbara L. Heinrich
Kris and David Henderson
Paul* and Jeannette Hermans
Fredrick J. Hey* and Toney Frampton*
Walt and Judy Hinck
Leonard and Mary Lou Hoeft*
Susan Jane Fey Hoffe*
Al Hoffman*
Gertrude Hognander*
Orville C. Hognander, Jr.
Nancy J. Holland
Cara Gould Holmberg and David Holmberg
Karen Lundmark Holmes
Spencer and Nancy Holmes
Deborah L. Hopp
Norma L. Hovden*
Bradley A. Hoyt
Hella Mears Hueg*
David J. Hyslop
Andrea and Gary Iseminger
Dale and Cathryn Jacobson
Sherry H. James* and James B. Preus
Truman* and Leila Jeffers
Mrs. Blair Jenness*
Dr. and Mrs. Einar O. Johnson*
Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Johnson*
Gregory and Mary Johnson
Gustave F. Johnson*
Jerry Johnson and Larry Montan
Klara Johnson*
Margaret L. Johnson
Marshall and Barbara Johnson
Mary and Ray Johnson*
Paul C. Johnson, Jr.*
Suzanne M. Johnson
Inky Johnstone*
Gail M. Jones
Barbara A. Jordan
Charles R. and Sally B. Jorgensen
John and Kathy Junek
Richard Y. Kain
Dr. Markle and Charlotte Karlen*
Jeannine* and Bill Karnes
Laurie E. Karnes
David and Barbara Kearn
Mary Keithahn
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Keller*
David Keyes
Robin Keyworth and Steven Haasl
Jon N. Kietzer
Pamela Kildahl
Jonathon E. and Linda V. Killmer
Margaret L. Kilroe*

Pam and Dan Kjellman
Bernice L. Klask*
Jannette C. Koenen*
Donald R. Koessel*
Michael and Harriette Krasnoff
George and Louise Krause
Irene D. Kreidberg*
Rachel Krevans*
Felice and Mervin Kronfeld*
Lindsay J. Kruh
Harold P. and Grace A. Kurtz
Claude and Lorraine Lammers*
Stephen C. Larson*
Doug* and Louise Leatherdale
David R. and Darlene A. Lee
Charlotte Lehman*
Allen and Kathy Lenzmeier
Tom and Rhoda Lewin*
Dr. F. Bruce Lewis*
Mr. and Mrs. Ward B. Lewis*
John and Nancy Lindahl
Clarkson* and Nancy Lindley
Barbara S. Longfellow*
Dawn M. Loven
Joseph and Janice Lueken Family
Wendy Lukaszewski
Patricia Lund*
Ron and Virginia Lund
Dennis Lundgren and Dale Simpson
Linda and Warren Mack
Susan K. Mahle and Betty A. Friesen
Patrick and Angela Mahoney
Richard Maier
Fred and Karen Malver
James and Rebecca* Matson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mauszycki
Sue McAllister
Katie McCurry
Mildred E. McGonagle*
Dan and Pam McGowan
Mary Ann McGuire
Ann Marie McIntire
Anne McKinsey
Mary E. McKinsey*
Harriet and Bill* Mears
Roberta Megard
Tom Melchior
Marlys and Robert Melius
Paul Mellblom and Peter Farstad
Margaret and Walter Meyers*
William C. Michaelis
Marlys Joan Michels*
Evelyn Miller
Rudolph W. and Gladys D. Miller*
Mike and Carol Milligan
Beverly Montgomery
Carol C. Moore
Gerald F. and Joyce G. Moran
Kristina K. Morden
Margaret Morris*
Betty Myers
Douglas Myhra and John Clingerman
Art and Jan Nelson
Dr. Glen D. Nelson* and Marilyn Carlson Nelson
Marybeth Nelson
Rodney L. Nelson
Frederic D. Nemer, M.D.
Mabeth Neslund*
Ann Newhall* and Richard Schleuss
Richard and Joan Newmark
Frances Norbeck*
Margaret O’Connor*
Dale and Nancy Olseth*
Marc Ondrechen and Shelly Rae Linnell
Gregory W. Onstad
Marsha and Warren Oskey
Bea Ourada
Anita M. Pampusch, Ph.D., and Frank J. Indihar, M.D.*
Gordon C. and Harriet D. Paske*
Terry and Mary Patton
Donna L. Pauley*
Robert and Ruth Paulson*
Ruby Pediangco and Matt Shumway
Cora E. Peffer*
George T. and Jevne H. Pennock*
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Peter
Alice L. Peterson
Carol A. Peterson
Robert G. Peterson*
Kay Pickett
Corinne Griffith Pillsbury*
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pillsbury, Jr.*
Ivan M. Policoff*
David and Gaylene Poretti
Phyllis and Bob Porter
Jonathan and Mary C. Preus
Brian G. Prokosch and Trish Huberty Prokosch
Nancy and James Proman
Rudolph A. Ptak*
Marilyn Pyle
Judith and David Ranheim
David J. Rasmussen
Ruth W. Redhead*
Gail Reich and David Holter
Patricia S. Ringer*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Ringer, Jr.*
Alison E. Roberts
Karen E. Robinson
Mrs. John S. Roller*
John and Dorothy Roos*
Lee and Roberta Rosenberg
Kathy Ross
James and Aileen* Rowe
Berneen Rose Rudolph
Dale M. Rundell*
John M. and T. Eileen Russell*
Ronald K. and Carol B. Rydell
W. B. Saunders*
Jo Ellen and H.L. Saylor
Trevor and Maia Schaeffer
L. Joseph Schermann
Frederick (Fritz) Constans Scheurer* Memorial, Associate Principal Bass
Karl Scheurer* Memorial, Concertmaster
Paul H. Schmitt*
Bob and Shirley Schon
Bob and Linda Schreiner
Russell G. Schroedl*
Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Margaret J. Schweizer*
Dale and Kay Schwie
Regis and Ruth Seidenstricker*
Jules Selcer*
Laura and Mike Shannon
Gale Sharpe
David M. Shea
Ruth M. Shipley*
John and Rebecca Shockley
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
David and Dana Siskind
James Skakoon
Margaret H. Skoglund*
Nicholas and Angela Skrowaczewski
Lee and Mary Slater*
Nancy Slaughter*
Holly Slocum
Jacqueline Smith
Joan T. Smith*
Mary L. Smith
The Soeffker Trust
Frank J. Sorauf*
Dr. Jennine and John Speier
William and Renate Sperber
Robert and Jean Spong
Dee and Gordon Sprenger
Richard and Carol Stahl
Loring M. Staples*
Norm* and Norma Steck
Betty Kay and George Stein
David and Gwen Steinmeyer
Dr. Norman and Betsy Sterrie*
Julie Stewart
John Stofko and Kenn Carlson
Ruth Stryker-Gordon
Betty J. Sullivan*
James L.* and June A. Swartz
Rebecca and Glenn Taibl
Robert S. Takaichi*
Bruce R. Taylor and Dennis M. Carey*
Barbara J. Telander
E. Scott Thatcher*
Paul Rexford Thatcher, Sr.
Anthony Thein
Charles L. Thiesenhusen, M.D.
Gregory J. Thomas and Carol M. Downie
Jean Thomson
Daniel and Trudy Thompson
Barbara N. Thorkelson
Timothy J. Thorson
DoraLee Delzell Throckmorton*
George and Marian Toren*
John and Marcia Turcotte*
David and Janice Tweet
Thyrza Tyrrell*
Joseph and Jean Urista
June and Vern Vendel*
Paula Vesely
Arnold and Helen Rice Walker*
Kirke W. and Ann Walker*
Mary Frances Walker
Gregory Wallin
Jack and Connie Wallinga*
LoRees Wallman
William K. Wangensteen
Lowell and Carol Weber*
Catherine Roessler Webster and Steven Webster
Donald Weesner*
Harvey R. Weesner*
Dick* and Kathy Welander
Drs. George and Marion Welton*
Tom and Arlene Weyl
Richard* and Carole Wiederhorn
John and Trudy Wilgers
Philip Heffelfinger Willkie
Douglas Winn and Susan Moore
John and Renata Winsor*
Laurel and Frank H.* Winsor
Elizabeth M. Winston*
Gerald D. (Jay) Woldt
Donna and Mike Wolsted
Margie and Woody Woodhouse*
Dale and Sandra Wucher
Eric and Joann Ludeman Yost
Aks and Sri Zaheer
Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Zelle*
Steven and Rita Zellmer*
Joseph A.* and Elizabeth F. Zetah


*In Remembrance


If you would like information about planned giving, please contact Emily Boigenzahn at 612-371-7138 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..