Concertgoer's Guide

Concert Experience - Before, During and After performance

Know Before You Go

What to Expect

Your night out at Orchestra Hall promises an engaging concert — and a whole lot more. Here's a glimpse of your upcoming experience.

Downtown Guide

Make your visit to downtown Minneapolis easy and enjoyable with our guides to parking, restaurants, and hotels.

At the Hall

No Dress Code Here

We get this question a lot, but rest assured, there's no dress code. Create the experience you want to have through your own unique look. We welcome it all!

Arrive Early, Stay Late

Whether it’s a chat with a guest artist, an interactive exhibit, or happy hour, each activity is designed to build connections with our community.

Most Common Performance Questions

Illustration of program book

Should I learn about the music?

One way to get the most out of your experience is to learn a little bit about the music you're about to hear. Pick up a program book on the way to your seat and you'll find a treasure trove of info about the musicians, the music and stories of how it was created.

Illustration of hands clapping

When should I clap?

Share your enthusiasm at the end of each individual piece. If there are multiple movements (sections of the larger work) listed next to a piece in your program, hold your applause until after the last movement on that list. If you’re uncertain, wait for cues from those around you. Our superfans will show you the way.

Illustration of camera

When can I take pictures or video?

While we don't allow videos or photos when the musicians are performing, we highly encourage you to capture your time with the Orchestra before or after the performance, or during intermission. Use #MNorch on social so we can like and share our favorites!

Illustration of phone

When can I use my phone?

If device separation gives you a little anxiety, we get it. Please silence your phone when you enter the Hall and try not to look at your phone while the musicians are performing. The light from your screen can be distracting to your seat neighbors.


Illustration of clock

How long is intermission?

Most concerts include a 20-minute intermission. Plenty of time to use the restroom, stretch your legs, pick up a drink, or look through your program to get excited about the second half.

Illustration of speech bubbles

Where can I ask more questions?

We have incredible ushers and volunteers at Orchestra Hall standing by to answer any questions that come up. If you have questions before your performance, explore our FAQ page, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or find us on social media.