We are grateful to the following individuals, and to the nearly 10,000 donors whose Guaranty Fund gifts help sustain the Minnesota Orchestra each year.


Anonymous, Clarinet section
Trudi Anderson and Joseph Green, Librarians
Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Flute and Piccolo section
Martha Head, Trumpet section
Kathy and John Junek, Linda and Warren Mack, Viola section

Al and Kathy Lenzmeier, First Violin section
Nancy and John Lindahl, Bass section
Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Second Violin section
Dr. Jennine and John Speier, Cello section
Margaret VB Wurtele, Oboe section



$50,000 and above

Anonymous (1)
Julie and Doug Baker, Jr. Foundation
Kathy and Charlie* Cunningham
Kenneth N.* and Julia W. Dayton
Rosemary and David Good
Margot and Paul Grangaard

Lawrence Family Foundation/Dr. Mary and Jim Lawrence
Doug* and Louise Leatherdale
Virginia and Ron Lund
Christina and Terry Schopfer


$25,000 – $49,999

Donald E. Benson
Margee and Will Bracken
Amy and Evan Carruthers
John W. Dayton
Beverly and Richard Fink
Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg
Beverly N. Grossman
Arthur Higinbotham
Karen and Stanley Hubbard
Cynthia and Jay Ihlenfeld

Helen E. and Daniel T. Lindsay Family Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Joseph and Janice Lueken Family Foundation
Nivin and Duncan MacMillan Foundation
Katie and Bill Miller
David and Leni Moore Family Foundation
Betty Myers
Dr. Rick and Jean* Simmons
Dimitrios Smyrnios and Jennifer Miller


$15,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (1)
Margie and Pete Ankeny
Judee Arnstein and Michael Lindsay
Martha and Bruce Atwater
Rochelle and Jeff Blease
E. Tim Carl
Gary B. Cohen
Karri and Mark Copman
Jill and Jonathan Eisenberg
Elftmann Family Fund
Cathy and Jack Farrell
Laurie and Ed Greeno
The Gerald and Patrice Halbach Charitable Fund
Karen and John Himle
Orville C. Hognander, Jr.

Karen and Lloyd Kepple
Michael Klingensmith and Ruth Shields
Darlene and David Lee
McVay Foundation
Susan Moore and Douglas Winn
Cathy and John Muggee
Anita M. Pampusch, Ph.D.
Paradis Family Fund
Marilyn McGandy Ryerse* and William Ryerse
Jean and Robert Spong
Dee and Gordy Sprenger
Mary and Greg Sumners
Liz and Tim Welsh
Trudy and John Wilgers
Sri and Aks Zaheer


$10,000 – $14,999

Anonymous (4)
Emily and Eric Backstrom
Maria Bales
Ruth and Paul* Bauhahn
Dr. and Mrs. Ford Watson Bell
Ruth and John Bergerson
Shari and David Boehnen
Dorothy Boen
Sarah Brew and Family
Dave and Lonnie Broden
Michelle Miller Burns and Gary W. Burns
Rodney and Barbara Burwell Family Foundation
Roma Calatayud-Stocks and Thomas Stocks
Richard and Mari Carlson
Dorothy and Douglas Chapman
Dr. Ralph and Jodi Chu
Richard Cisek* and Kay Fredericks
Ellie Crosby – The Longview Foundation
C. Curtis Dunnavan
Barbara Ellwood
Kathleen and Gerald Erickson
W. Anders Folk and Angela Pennington
Bonnie and Bill Frels
FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra
Betsy Frost and Charlie Anderson
Joline Gitis and Dr. Steven Miles
MaryAnn Goldstein and David Benditt
Cynthia Goplen and Michael Roos
Crystal and Jerome Hamilton

The John and Cynthia Hart Fund
Maurice and Denise Holloman
Ruth and John Huss
Milla and Phil Isaacson
Ray Jacobsen
Barbara Jordan
Kate Kelly and Todd Katopodis
Margaret Kinney
Martin Lueck and Mallory Mullins
Angela and Patrick Mahoney
Jim and Jane Matson
Michael Merrick
Charles and Carolyn Meyer
Anne W. Miller
Sandy and Bob* Morris
Donald G. and Beverly J. Oren Charitable Gift Fund
Carol Peterson and Darren Acheson
Lisa Rovick, in memory of Jim and Joan Peterson
Bob and Linda Schreiner
Miriam A. Seim
Craig and Mariana Shulstad
Barbara J. Telander
Gregg Thomas and Carol Downie
Judy and Paul Trump
Lisa Valensi and Brian Tilzer
Osmo Vänskä and Erin Keefe
Catherine R. and Steven Webster
Laurel and Frank* Winsor



$7,500 – $9,999

Anonymous (1)
James M. and Elizabeth K. Fulford
Tim Geoffrion
Hubert Joly
Connie and Bruce Langager

Jacqueline Smith
Carole and Rick* Wiederhorn
Rear Admiral Ray C. and Jean K. Witter
James Zeese and William Herrmann

$5,000 – $7,499

Anonymous (2)
Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
Mary Arthur
Karen and James Ashe
In memory of June and Sid Barrows
George and Denise Bergquist
Laura and Jon Bloomberg
Betty Borman
Carolyn* and Bob Brix
Michael and Carol Bromer
Jean and Bruce M. Carlson
Cinda Collins
Alyce Mae Cranston
Thomas C.* and Mary S. Detwiler
Hyacinth Diehl
Steve and Janet Dietrich
Dave and Pat Drew
Joyce and Hugh Edmondson
Chip and Vicki Emery
Camie and Jack Eugster
Mina Fisher and Paul Ogren
Terrance Fox
James and Julie Gasper
Charles A. Geer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Lynn A. Glesne
Jane and David Gregerson
Myrtle C. Grette
Grinnell Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Barbara J. Gullickson
William H. Halverson
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
In memory of Gertrude Hartung
Heidi and Chris Hedberg
Jon and Beverly Holt
Dorothy J. Horns and James P. Richardson
Fran and Arthur Horowitz
Carmelle and Byron Jackson
Ann Jennen and Bruce Jacobs
Charlie Johnson
Nancy and William Jones
Tom Joyce and Annette Atkins

Janice and Robert Keefe
Warren and Patty Kelly
Melissa and Peter Kim
Judith Ann Kinsey
Tim and Karen Klevar
Nancy and Bob Kloehn
Judith Krow and David MacMillan
Sheila and Stephen Lieberman
Diana Lee Lucker
Mike Luger and Nancy Heim
Holly MacDonald and John Orbison
Carol Ann and Harvey Mackay
Helmut and Mary Maier
Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Noah and Beth Monsen
Ann and Alfred Moore
NaLa Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
David and Karen Olson Family Foundation
Caryl and Ernest Pierson
Nancy and James Proman
Roy and Judie Redman
Kit Reynolds and Mike Schwimmer
Lois and John Rogers
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Deborah and Allan Schneider
Kathleen Kay Simo, M.D.
Douglas and Katherine Skor
Peter Spokes
Mary Hershberger Thun and David Thun
James D. Torbert
Marcia K. Townley
Mary W. Vaughan
Trish and Ed Vaurio
Dr. Jorge Velosa and Dr. Chris Sigurdson
Edward Wagner
Rev. Don Allan Wells*
Ben and Mary Whitney Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Betty Ann and Cornie Wiens
John Windhorst


$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (3)
Dennis P. Albrecht
Todd and Allyson Aldrich
JoAnn and Tom Ambrose
Suzanne Ammerman
Beverly Anderson
Bob and Nancy Anderson Family Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
In loving memory of Stanley J. Anderson RADM USN and
Lora Anderson
Arnar Family Fund
Jerry L. Artz
William and Kristin* Bahl
Carole and Doug Baker
Karen Baker
Janet and Mary Balej
Allen and Andra Barnard
Jeannine and Robert Befidi
Carl and Joan Behr
Russell and Rebecca Bierbaum
Michael J. Blum and Abigail Rose
Tyrone and Delia Bujold
John L. Burbidge
Dr. Krzysztof Burhardt and April L. Spas
Jon and Jean Carlson
Dr. Emmett F. Carpel and Katherine Meehan
Mr. and Mrs. Benton J. Case, Jr.
James Chase
Yvonne Cheek and Mike Kirkwood
Paul and Edna
Christopherson Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Karen* and Don Ciske
Drs. C. Scott and Nerissa Collins
Gisela Corbett and Peter Hyman
Jeanne Corwin
Russell Cowles
Dr. James and Roberta Craig
David and Kitty Crosby
Gary R. Cunningham
Duncan N. and Renea Topp Dayton
Richard and Lucille DeRemee
Deborah Dillaway and Alan Lifson
Mary Dolan – The Longview Foundation
Jayne and Jim Early
Mary Ebert and Paul Stembler
Carolyn and Don Egeberg
Clare Eisenberg and Colin Carleton
The Ekdahl Hutchinson Family Fund
James and Elizabeth Ericksen
John J. Erickson
Catherine L. Fischer
Bill and Kathy Fox
Patricia Freeburg
Dr. Daniel and Carol Frenning
Ellen Gallagher
Lisa Gault
Leland and Beverly Gehrke
Dan and Marty Gilbert
Michael Gillis and Gretchen Schnell
Meg and Wayne Gisslen
Bill and Paula Glade
Myra and Roger Greenberg
Jennifer Gross
Donald and Marion Hall
Rieke and Craig Hankins
Burt Hara, in loving memory of Julie Hara
Lorraine Hart
Russell Haywood
John and Jean Hedberg
Don Helgeson and Sue Shepard
Polly Henderson
Helen and Curt Hillstrom
Diane and Tony Hofstede
Cara Gould Holmberg and David Holmberg
Jean McGough Holten
Drs. Robert* and Sondra Howe
Penny Hunt
Garin Ipsen
Marlene and Cecil Jacobs
Cathryn and Dale Jacobson
Frank and Roxy Janezich
Beth and Karl Johansson
Marshall and Barbara Johnson
Gail M. Jones
John and Kris Kaplan
Shirley and Arnie Kaplan

Kathleen and Charles Kauffman
Andrea and Robert Kircher
Brian Kleinke and Erin Winchell
Cleo Kriesel
Lindsay Kruh
Barbara and Robert Kueppers
Judy and Harold Kuller
Harold and Grace Kurtz Fund
Nancy M. Lange
Darlene Lee
Stefanie Ann Lenway and Tom Murtha
Ilo and Margaret Leppik
Sharon and Phil Lindau
Susan K. Mahle and Betty A. Friesen
Karen Margolis and Robert Simonds
Mary and Ron Mattson
Barbara McBurney
Nancy and Roger McCabe Foundation
Anne McKinsey, in memory of Mary Earl McKinsey
Robert and Laurie McNeill
Mandy Meisner
Marlys and Robert Melius
Mary and Bob Mersky
Charles Mitchell
Lucy C. Mitchell – The Longview Foundation
George E. Muellner
Deb Mundinger
Katherine Murphy
Bob and Carolyn Nelson
Marilyn Nelson
Kathryn Newsome-Herr and Thomas Herr
Lisa Niforopulos
Elinor K. Ogden
Robert J. Owens
Richard and Ruta Palmer,
in memory of Elizabeth Palmer Meisinger
Gary N. and Barbara J. Petersen Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Dwight and Marjorie Peterson
Donna and James Radford
Beth Rapier and Tony Ross
Barbara and William Read
Sandra Bemis Roe
Tamara and Michael Root
Kurt and Lesley Ann Rusterholz
Mary Anne and Donald Ryks
Shirley and Michael Santoro
Jon Schasker* and Deborah Carlson
Buddy Scroggins and Kelly Schroeder
Carol and Rick Seaberg
Vibhu and Julia Sharma
Rebecca and John Shockley
Mark and Mary Sigmond
Madeline Simon
Richard H. and Mary Jo Skaggs
William and Marcelyn Smale
Kevin and Lynn Smith
Kevin L. Smith and Beverly J. Zimmer
Charles Sorenson
Steven and Gwen Starr
George and Betty Kay Stein
Robert and Sandra Stein
Julie Stewart
Dr. John and Jennifer Stoltenberg
Marcia and John Stout
Mary J. Streitz
Donald M. Sullivan, in memory of R. Patricia Sullivan
Claudia and Dick Swager
Marsha and Gary Tankenoff
E. Scott Thatcher*
Doris and Delroy Thomas
DoraLee Delzell Throckmorton*
Louise A. Town, M.D.
David and Janice Tweet
Stephanie C. Van D'Elden
Sharon Van Dyck and Rick Kelber
Jim and Sharon Walker
Bill and Martha Warner
Dee Weaver
William and Barbara Welke
Marion and Dave Williams
Steve Williamson
Philip Heffelfinger Willkie
Douglas and Laurinda Sager Wright
Sandra and Dale Wucher



$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (17)
Alden and Elizabeth (Bette) Abraham Charitable Gift Fund
Alberta Adams
John and Cheryl Adolphson
Rebecca Albers
Terry and Sara Viker Althoff
Bruce T. Anderson
Ray and Marilyn Anderson
Lauren and Greg Anthony
Nina Archabal
Frederick M. and Catherine B. Asher
Michael and Yoshie Babcock
Kay C. Bach
Jo and Gordon Bailey, Jr.
Jane Batcheller
Muriel J. Bebeau
Mary Anne and Donald Bennett
Chip and LuAnn Berglund
Terry Bergman
Denise Beusen
Amanda Birkhead
Susan J. Blumentals
Ellen Bogardus-Szymaniak
Dr. Gordon A. Braatz
Joseph and Elizabeth Brama
Christopher and Tiffany Brand
Steve and Gail Brand
Fredric and Deborah Bremseth
Ellen and Jan Breyer
Kristen Bruya and Andy Chappell
Ron and Mary* Budd
Martha A. and Ronald F. Caldwell
James P. Callahan
Anne Wright Campbell
Kathleen and Paul Campbell
Phillip M. and Cheryl A. Carlson
Tim Carlson
Ruth and Alan Carp
Dr. Thomas C. and Anne D. Carrier
Dr. and Mrs. Collins Cavender
Alice Cederberg, in memory of Herb Cederberg
Scott and Jill Chamberlain
Sarah and Matt Chaplin
Cynthia Chapman
Ann and Bruce Christensen
Arnold Chu and I-ming Shih
Patricia Clarke
David Colwell
Paula Cooney and Aldo Walker
Carolyn and Edward Cushing
Ted and Carol Cushmore Family Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Rosemary T. Dahl
James and Gretchen Davidson
Donald Davies
Linda and Philip Dech
Anthony and Nina DiAngelis
Mike and Simone Dorcas
David Doty
John and Maureen Drewitz
Marian M. Ducharme
Jean Eastman
Laura and Tim Edman
Suzanne Edwards
Tracy Elftmann
Keith and LeAnna Erickson
Lee Ann and Jeff Ettinger
Alexa and Stephen Fang
Michelle Fitzgerald and Jonathan Guyton
Kenneth and Gwendolyn Freed
John and Karen Froelich
Carole and Roger Frommelt
Jeffrey and Mary Frush, Frush Family Foundation
Martha Gabbert
Phillip and Bonnie Gainsley
Nancy and Jack Garland
Joyce and Charles Gauck
Walter and Raeanna Gislason
Lynn E. Goodwyne
Debra and Todd Grant
Beth and Curt Gray
Elizabeth and James Grimmer
Sieglinde and Edward Grivna
Paula and Michael Gross
Roger Gross and Mary Dunnavan
Joan Growe and Tom Moore
Jean Christianson Grussing and< br />Bruce D. Grussing Family Fund
Robert and Julie Guelich
Bruce and Judith Hadler
Yera Hagopian
Heather and Nils Halker
Mark and Lana Halldorson
Roger B. Hallgren, M.D.
Charlene Hara
Thomas Hatch
Robert G. and Sally Hauser
Dr. Elisabeth Heefner
David and Kris Henderson
David Hilden and Julie Railsback
Judith and Walter Hinck
Barbara Walters Hodges
Karen Lundmark Holmes
Nancy and Spencer Holmes
Dr. Charles Horwitz
Marylyn and Kent Howe
Patricia and Robert Hoyt
Carlton Hunke and Kate Haugen
Sally Hwang
Martha and Rich Ingram
Andrea and Gary Iseminger
Brian E. Jacobs
Paul Jansen and Janet R. Hopper
The Jeffs
Ned and Angie Jenks
Susan Jerutis
James and Mary Jetland
Audrey Aronson Johnson
Darold E. and Carol O. Johnson
Paula and Bryce Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Johnson
John and Marcia Jones
Sally and Charles Jorgensen
Georgia and Joe Kandiko
Dr. Martin and Carole Kaplan
Andrew and Virginia Kass
Kathryn E. Keefer
Marilyn and Jack Kemme
Rosemary Kessler
Martin J. Kirsch
David J. Klaiber
William and Sarah Kling
Maynard L. Koopmann
Nita Krevans
James Kunz
Michael and Joanne Lamb
Barbara Larson
Ken Latham
Anne and Charles Leck
Karen S. Lee
Gordon E. Legge and Wendy Willson Legge
Jean and Laurence LeJeune
Fern Letnes
Stephen Lillyblad

Virginia Lindow
John R. Litch
George Logan and Susan Holman
William Lohman
Mary Ellen and John Lundsten
Carl and Evangeline Lundstrom
Barbara Lyall
George and Gini MacDonald
Karen and Alex MacMurdo
Stephen and Kathi Austin Mahle
Rhoda and Don Mains
Anita Makar
Dorothy and Toby Markowitz
Dr. Donald S. Masler
Tammy Nelson Mattson
The Mauriel Family Foundation
Kay and Mike McCarthy
Marcia McConkey
Tami McConkey
Sam and Patty McCullough
Peter and Kimberly McGuire
Susan and Tom McGuire
Mary H. and J. Milo Meland Family Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Tom Melchior
William C. Michaelis and Ellory Christianson
Dr. Tim Miley and Dr. Mary Miley
David J. Miller and Mary Dew
John W. Miller, Jr.
Mike and Carol Milligan
Carol and Jim Moller
Inar and Susan Morics
Charlotte and Fred Morrison
Chris and Jack Morrison
Ann Morrissey and Bruce Jacobson
Carolyn Mueller
Marlene and John Mulrooney
Thomas Mungavan and Carol Keers
Gillian and Roy Myers
Marybeth Nelson
Rodney L. Nelson
Sue and Doug Nelson
William C. Nesheim
Lucia Newell and Steven Wiese
Richard and Joan Newmark
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Nordstrom
Miluska Novota
Maggie O’Connor and Linda Ridlehuber
Paul and Jeana Ogren
Sandy Okinow
Claire T. Olson
Tamrah and Stephen O'Neil
Ruth and Ahmad Orandi
Mary Claire Owen
Minsok Pak and Carrie Shuchart
Derrill Pankow
Sotirios Parashos and Christina Phill
Kristen and Michael Paulsen
Bill and Sami Pelton
Ann and Robert Perkins
Susan J. Perkins
Richard and Shari Perrine
Tom Peterson
Kay Phillips and Jill Mortensen Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Kay Pickett
Lawrence Pitsch and Gail Gresser-Pitsch
Mark and Janet Pladson
Heidi and Dick Poey
Joe and Sara Pohlad
Anne and John Polta
Marian Priest
Marilyn Pyle
Linda and Brad Quarderer
Lawrence Redmond
Sara Reed
Drs. Warren Regelmann and Marilyn Joseph
Remele Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Sharon and Bill Richardson
Paul F. and Eugenie Rolvaag
David and Kathy Rothenberger
James and Aileen Rowe
Sandra D. Sandell
Karen and Steve Sanger
Leon Satran, M.D. and Alma J. Satran
Stephen Schaefer
Luke Schallinger
Alex Scheel
Bernie Schmitt
Catherine Schubilske
Pat and Tom Scott
Wm. and Margaret Selfridge
Barbara and Don Selinger
Marge and Ed Senninger
Dr. Mary Shamrock
Emily and Dan Shapiro
Gale Sharpe
Paul J. Shea, in memory of Gerry H. Shea
Susan and Lawrence Sheets
Lois R. Siegel
Jack and Brenda Sielaff
Dorothy J. and Mike Simpson
Cara Sjodin and Scott Stensrud
Charles W. Skrief and Andrea M. Bond
Angela and Nicholas Skrowaczewski
Linda and J. Patrick Smith
Ardath Solsrud
William and Renate Sperber
Dennis Stanton
William and Mary Steinbicker
Dr. David M. Steinhaus
W.B. and Patricia A. Stevens
Charles and Paula Streiff
Jami Stromberg
Pirkko Suominen
Jerry Swenson
Rose A. Switzer
Mayer and Elizabeth Tapper
Judith and Paul A. Tarabek
Annette and John Taylor
Anthony Thein
Kay A. Thomas and James W. Rustad
Daniel C. and Trudy Thompson
Ross Tolbert
John Toso and Janet Johnshoy
Eric J. Trosdahl and Larry Loyer
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Marian and Rich Van Dellen
Paula Vesely
Bernie and Jan Wagnild
Hollida Wakefield
Maxine H. Wallin
Ann Walton
David and Patricia Watkins
Melanie and David Watkins
Suzanne and Hugh Watson
Paul Wehling
Chris and Jill Westermeyer
John and Nedra Wicks
Christina and Stewart Widdess
Barbara and James Willis
Lani Willis and Joel Spoonheim
Eleanor and Fred Winston – The Longview Foundation
Barbara Winthrop
Peg and Dick Woellner
Rita Wolf
Kristofer and Ellison Yahner
Eric and Joann Ludeman Yost
G. Kevin Zhang and Anna Y. Hsu


*In Remembrance

These listings are current as of March 5, 2021. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy. If your name has been inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology, and contact the Development department at 612-371-5600 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For information on giving at these or other levels, please call Amanda Schroder, Annual Giving Officer, at 612-371-7110
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