Musical Journeys: A Trip to the Art Museum!

Musical Journeys: A Trip to the Art Museum!

In these unprecedented times, are you wishing that you had more opportunities to go out and explore the world?

If so, try taking your family on a journey through the imagination with music as your guide. Start with a trip to the art museum or the zoo, and feel free to tailor each activity to fit your family’s needs. Then check back in the coming weeks for other trip suggestions. Bon voyage!

A Trip to the Art Museum

Imagine You're at an Art Museum 

As you listen to the music, what kinds of objects do you see on display? What are the objects made of, and how do they feel to the touch? What color is each object? What people, animals, things, or places do you see represented in the objects? How does each object make you feel?

Create Your Own Gallery Inspired by the Music

Invite your family to create the objects you hear in the music and add them to an at-home gallery. Go on a trip through your gallery together once it’s finished.

Show the Minnesota Orchestra Your Gallery 

Send a photo of your artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Select entries will be shown in an online gallery coming soon!

Go the Extra Mile

Use your creativity for good! What can your family create to bring joy to someone else’s day? Choose one project to complete together. If you’re looking for suggestions, visit Doing Good Together for a variety of project ideas, including card-making parties, giving boxes, grandparent journals, and more.

Bonus Activity

Go on a digital visit to one of the Minnesota art museums that has provided lobby activities at our Relaxed Family Concerts during the past two seasons.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Museum of Russian Art

Walker Art Center

Minnesota Orchestra at Home

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