Musical Journeys: A Trip to the Zoo!

Musical Journeys: A Trip to the Zoo!

In these unprecedented times, are you wishing that you had more opportunities to go out and explore the world?

If so, try taking your family on a journey through the imagination with music as your guide. Start with a trip to the zoo or the art museum, and feel free to tailor each activity to fit your family’s needs. Then check back in the coming weeks for other trip suggestions. Bon voyage!

A Trip to the Zoo

Imagine You're at the Zoo 

As you listen to the music, what kinds of animals do you see? What do these animals look like, feel like, and smell like? What are they doing? What sounds do they make? What do you notice about the habitat where the animals live?

Create Your Own Zoo Inspired by the Music

Invite your family to make a zoo by representing the animals you hear in the music through visual art, poetry, or movement. Go on a trip through the zoo together once it’s finished.

Show the Minnesota Orchestra Your Zoo 

Send a photo of your artwork or copy of your poetry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Select entries will be shown in an online gallery coming soon!

Go the Extra Mile

What can your family do to take care of birds, dogs, or other animals featured in the music? Choose one project to complete together. If you’re looking for ideas, visit Doing Good Together to learn how you can engage in animal advocacy, create pet toys, make birdseed cookies, and more.

Minnesota Orchestra at Home

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