Powerful Experiences Made Possible by Donors

Powerful Experiences Made Possible by Donors

On a Friday evening in March, a gentleman from Brainerd decided on a whim to pop into Orchestra Hall. He was in town for the weekend, staying down the street at the DoubleTree hotel, and looking for something to do. The Orchestra’s evening concert had already begun, but our Box Office manager provided him with a discounted ticket to see the remaining pieces – Schumann’s Violin Concerto and Schubert’s “Unfinished Symphony.”

At intermission, the man returned to the Box Office. While wiping away tears, he shared with the manager that he had never been to a live orchestra concert before and was overwhelmed with emotion at the experience. “I’ve watched it on PBS before,” he said, “but it’s so different when you’re in the room. I didn’t know that.”

Stories like this remind us of the profound power of live orchestra experiences made possible through the generous support of Minnesota Orchestra donors.

You can ensure that audiences continue to marvel at majestic orchestral music that reaches all of us deep inside – renewing us and filling us with awe. This is magical, especially in the hands of our outstanding Minnesota Orchestra.

Make a gift today so that the exquisite joy, sorrow, might and beauty of this soaring music continues to inspire all who experience it.


Thanks to strong donor support, transformative experiences are occurring every week at the Orchestra. They include:

The student who attends a Young People’s Concert with their third-grade class and shares with us how excited the music made them feel;

The 16-year-old violinist who sees 23-year-old Felicity James performing as the Orchestra’s new assistant concertmaster and is inspired to pursue her own career as a professional musician;

The composers like Missy Mazzoli who debut their work – launching their careers – under the baton of Music Director Osmo Vanska and the Orchestra;

The family that is ecstatic at discovering our “Music and Movies” series because now the grandparents, parents and children have finally found an experience they can all share in and enjoy together; and 


The countless return concertgoers who share this patron’s sentiment: “The ongoing gift that brings so much joy to my life – to the lives of so many of us – is simply having such a superb orchestra call this place home.” 

As a Minnesota Orchestra donor, these stories are your stories too. They are the impact of your critical support.

Please help ensure our Minnesota Orchestra’s vibrancy with your gift today! >>

Minnesota Orchestra Staff