Meet a Musician: Cecilia Belcher

Meet a Musician: Cecilia Belcher

Minnesota Orchestra member since: 2014
Position: Assistant Principal Second Violin
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Education: University of Michigan; Cleveland Institute of Music; Rice University 

I knew I’d make a career in music when:
I think I became determined to be a professional musician when I was in high school. I feel very lucky that doors kept opening to give me opportunities to continue learning and developing as a musician through college and beyond. I’m grateful for my experiences at the New World Symphony and the St. Louis Symphony before I joined the Minnesota Orchestra. 

Are you part of a musical family?
My parents both play instruments, but not professionally. My dad plays the banjo and my mom plays the piano and guitar. 

What is most challenging about being an orchestral musician?
I think what is most challenging about our jobs is the nonstop nature of the schedule. It requires planning and diligence to stay on top of the programs. This is challenging, but also very rewarding.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
Try to always think about your practice, and always have a goal during a practice session, listen to and learn from your peers, and never give up!

Tell us about a proud moment during your career:
A recent proud moment was performing at the Regina Mundi church in Soweto during our tour in South Africa. To me, this was one of those special moments where we all could feel that we were a part of something that was greater than ourselves.

What is currently on your music stand?
I always have music for upcoming Minnesota Orchestra programs on my stand. I also make sure I’m working on another project outside of orchestra at the same time. 

What fun fact should Minnesota Orchestra audiences know about you?
My husband Richard and I have a one-and-a-half-year-old son named Finn, who is the joy of our lives. 

What are you listening to lately?
Besides listening to music I’m currently learning, I like the band Alt J, and I’ve been having fun discovering fun kids songs by They Might Be Giants with Finn.  

Are there any pieces on the Orchestra’s calendar that you are especially excited about?
I’m excited to continue our Mahler recording cycle, and I’m looking forward to playing Mahler 10 in our season finale concert.

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