Volunteer Ushers

YPSCA volunteer ushers perform an important task, greeting and welcoming entire busloads of students as they enter Orchestra Hall, full of excitement for the Young People’s Concert they are about to attend. YPSCA ushers work closely with the Orchestra Hall staff and professional ushers to ensure that each school or homeschool group entering the lobby is led to the correct door of the concert auditorium, sometimes after being directed to particular staircases to reach the balconies, and then escorted swiftly and smoothly to their seats in the various sections of the concert hall.

This may sound simple, but consider that on most days two Young People’s Concerts are performed. More than a thousand students are welcomed and guided to their seats for the first performance. Then, within only about 30 minutes, the first audience is escorted out and the second is greeted and seated. This process involves some amazing choreography, and YPSCA ushers are key to keeping it moving smoothly.

YPSCA volunteer ushers can attend the Young People’s Concerts for which they volunteer. In addition, they receive discounted and/or complimentary tickets to Minnesota Orchestra concerts after completing multiple shifts. Of course, they share immediately in the thrill the students feel at each Young People’s Concert – full of anticipation when they enter Orchestra Hall, fascination as they attend the concert and still more excitement when they talk about it after the concert. This is why many ushers volunteer year after year.

Please join our dedicated YPSCA usher team. Learn more about becoming a YPSCA usher and sign up here.

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